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Money laundering in London and housing prices

Today the Condor Estates Director Saf posted an interesting article to his Linkedin profile that we wanted to echo on the website for you all to see (just in case you don't follow/connect with Saf) If the evidence is correct and the investigation thus far has been...

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Scottish house prices soar…

House prices all across Scotland have rocketed up at more than twice the rate of English homes in recent months. The reason for this rapid rise is pinned on the SNP's new tax when a property is purchased. The average price of a property in Scotland has risen by almost...

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£77,000 a year to live in London

New research indicates that first-time buyers now need to earn at least £77,000 a year to get on the property ladder in London. If you take a closer look at the average cost required for a first-time buyer in the UK it is a far lower figure of £40,000 (taken from a...

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