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Are you a Landlord and have a property to let in Luton?  Condor Estates can help you find a suitable tenant and will reduce the risk associated with telling property.  We will ensure that your property is marketed to a wide audience using the right combination of traditional channels.  Your property will be advertised on our own website.   We also advertise, in traditional publications that include, Luton news, property mart.  Once we have found you a suitable tenant we will manage all the legal necessities.  For your peace of mind all tenancies are covered by rent guarantees and legal protection.

Tenant Introduction

1) Accompanying of tenants on viewing

2) Supervising signing of the Tenancy Agreement

3) Ensuring compliance with current Gas Electrical & Furniture safety regulations prior to tenant taking occupation.

4) Obtaining deposit from tenant

5) Serving section 21 notice requiring possession when tenant takes occupation.




If you wish to rent a property it is important that you get the right property in the right location on the right terms.  Condor Estates can help you find out rent a property that meets your needs and budget we have an intimate knowledge of properties that are available for rent Luton.  If you would like to rent property please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our team will be delighted to help you define you exact requirements and match these with available properties if no suitable properties are available we will search for one.  Once we have found a property that meets we will guide you through all the legal requirements until you more in when your lease expires we will help end your tenancy agreement.


Our LETTING Service


Choosing an agent

Choosing the right letting agent is much more Important because you will be allowing a complete stranger to live in a property that is still yours.  If therefore matters very much that the tenant looks after the property, and It matters very much that they pay the rent because it is still your property.

A bad tenant can cost an unfortunate landlord thousands of pounds in legal fees, lost rent and dilapidation etc. Some landlords assume that the more agents they instruct, the more they increase their chances of finding a good tenant. In our view, the more agents you instruct, the more you increase your chance of finding a bad tenant.


There is nothing wrong with speaking to several agents before deciding which to use; but only instruct one.



Condor Estates

In addition to gaining the wealth of expertise we will provide you with if you decide to utilise our services but you will also get 3 months property management service for FREE.




We are so confident that we are the right choice for you and your property that we are prepared to show you at no extra cost to demonstrate how good our service is, if this sounds like something you want to benefit from then get in touch with us today.