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You may of already been told this and simply forgotten, perhaps you didn’t know this and are finding out for the first time…if you are a Landlord then you simply must inspect your rental property/properties quite regularly. Or if you are using an management service via an agent, insist that regular checks are carried out and feedback is provided to you.

You may be now asking yourself “what is regular” or “how many times in one year”…we advise our clients that at least once every six months is probably the minimum, in cases of extreme weather we look to also follow up with property inspections to ensure that any damage is noticed at the earliest opportunity.

Landlords avoid surprises by being early

If you or your acting agent carries out regular inspections then the odds of you catching early signs of damage dramatically increase! It is very easy to notice the early signs of mould and damp, structural damage (cracking ceilings/walls) or even things like rodent infestations. Regular visits allow you to be in control of the situation, by choosing to not check at all only leaves you vulnerable to costly repairs.

All or nothing

In our experience there are two types of tenant, those that notify you when there are issues with the property or potential issues and then there are those that wait until its a full blown crisis. For the latter we normally find that they are simply not bothered about mould patches growing on the ceiling in the bathroom or they don’t care.

A majority of problems actually start out as something quite small that escalates over time into something much bigger, nine times out of ten that are preventable issues if caught early.

Inspecting your property regularly may feel like your intruding somewhat on the tenants private life but your visits can be fairly brief if you carry your checks out regularly, you will notice any changes this way. It is also important to remember why you want to carry out an inspection, you are there to protect your investment, your asset that is worth thousands and thousands of pounds.

As a pro-active agent we aim to check all our properties (on behalf of Landlords) every 3-4 months where possible, this routine has helped us to identify numerous potential issues with properties and preventing costly repairs. If you are a Landlord that is perhaps struggling to stay on top of the portfolio that you own and need support, we are here to work with you. We offer a fantastic management service that actually comes with 3 months FREE when you join so that you can see what the service is all about without any up-front costs to you.

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