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We have discussed the issue of a housing crisis in the UK in previous posts here on our website and also on our Directors profile on Linkedin and after seeing this advert for accommodation in London it ties in with what we have been discussing.

So a recent advert (that has now been removed) on the SpareRoom.co.uk website was listed as a £530 a month for a shared flat, Joe Peduzzi visited the flat in Bethnal Green in the hope of finding somewhere to settle after landing a new job. But the 22-year-old said he “laughed the whole way back to the tube” after being shown the bed – a mattress thrown inside an indoor garden shed, complete with blacked out windows.

Matt Hutchinson, director of SpareRoom.co.uk, said: “We’re no strangers to quirky ads but this one puts a whole new spin on the phrase ‘beds in sheds’.

“There’s no clear reason given for putting a bed inside a shed, inside a bedroom, but it could be because the other housemates use the room as communal space.

“It’s a sign of the times that fewer house shares now have living rooms.”

<h2>Housing Crisis</h2>

As we mentioned we have touched on the ‘Housing Crisis’ in the Uk before in past posts and articles and we think that this is an example of how everyone is now trying to make the most of it by advertising ‘rooms to rent’ like this one. Although SpareRooms.co.uk mention that they are no strangers to quirky adverts we feel that this is certainly taking things to far.

What are your thoughts on this advert and would you live there and sleep in a shed inside a house?