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We have closed the doors of our office, but we continue to work either remotely, or from within the branch on behalf of our customers.

Following Government guidelines we are temporarily closing the doors to our office in Luton to observe social distancing but are working hard for our landlords and tenants through this uncertain time.

We are providing vital support to our landlords and rental customers.  If you are one of the many customers that we have helped in the past, we are still contactable if you need us. You may have questions about your circumstances and we are here to help in anyway we can, either by phone or email using the details provided below.

Below are a few Q&A’s based on recent questions we have been asked by tenants.

  • What happens with my current rental agreement?

Everything will stay the same, nothing has changed with your rental agreement as per the legislation and laws that protect rental agreements

  • Should I still pay my rent?

Yes absolutely, continue to make the agreed payments as per your rental agreement/contract.

  • What if I am struggling to make payments because of self isolating?

We understand that many have taken the action to self isolate during this time, we ask that you speak with a member of our team to discuss your options. Stopping payments towards your rent is not advised – open dialogue between the tenant, landlord and agent is the best policy at this point.

  • Is the Government going to help me pay my rent?

The information being provided by the Government surrounding payments and/or subsidising wages is changing daily and is yet to be fully confirmed. Everyone’s situation is very different so we advise that is best to use the links below to official Government sites to get the advice from them.

It does look like the Government will be providing support in many various ways, how that applies to each and every one will be determined by the qualifying parameters that they outline.






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