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Yes 2018 can actually be the year that you save hundreds of pounds on your mortgage!

A whopping £35 million worth of mortgages are set to reach maturity in the next couple of months.

This means when a pre-existing mortgage deal comes to end, meaning the cost could then go up when the offer ends.

Therefore it makes sense for home-owners to remortgage and moves to another provider to get a better deal.

Those who have mortgages that are due to mature this year that fail to act (or choose not to) will see their mortgage move onto the SVR (Standard Variable Rate) which will most likely see them paying even more than their current deal. Sp it pays dividends right now to go and check when your mortgage matures/is up for renewal.

New research has found that mortgage-openers could pay £400 extra a year if they don’t remortgage.

Citizens Advice discovered that 1.2 million people could be better off if they switched to a new deal.