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Everywhere now we see ‘Smart Products’ for your ‘Smart Home’….there is a plethora of products, devices and gizmos to make your life easier and your home automated and easier to run….supposedly.

First-Time buyers are certainly a market that is targeted hard, the lure of a ‘Smart Home’ is something that is easy to market and seal a sale with a customer. From light bulbs to thermostats to refrigerators, it’s a boom time for products that promise to make everything in your home work just a little better and run a little smoother — just add Internet connection.

What we want to discuss in this post is whether mainstream Smart Homes are what the market needs right now and actually if they are easy to maintain and sell on if you choose to move. CES has only just happened and hundreds/thousands of ‘Smart Home’ products were displayed and showcased to the world, one item that was very popular was a Smart Laundry Machine by someone who used to work at Apple under the late Steve Jobs.

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There are certainly a lot of options should you choose to dip your toes into the Smart Device pool, Apple has HomeKit. Google has Brillo and Weave. Amazon has Echo, a digital assistant device that wants to be a connected home hub. Samsung has SmartThings. And then there are the smaller players like ZigBee, Wink, and probably more that are not so commonly known or as popular.

The thing to remember at this stage is that Smart Devices for the home are very much in their infancy and in most cases are actually fairly complicated to setup and use, there are often issues that need fixing and not everyone wants to know or understand the in’s and out’s…they simply want it to work.


Every security researcher and expert is anxious about the low level of security in these connected devices. Even at their most optimistic, they urge caution.

“Evaluate if you’re getting any real value from plugging your toaster or refrigerator into the Internet,” advised James Plouffe, the technical advisor for the hit hacker drama “Mr. Robot” on Showtime, at CES 2016.

It’s not surprising why. Hackers have long crowed about their ability to get into just about every smart home gadget there is, and we see the results all the time. Even the Nest thermostat, which is owned by no less than Google parent company Alphabet, has been vulnerable to attacks.


Although we like Smart Homes and that may be true for you the reader, we feel that Smart Homes are not fully ready to take over the mass market, mainstream lives of the UK. Because of some of the technical issues that can be had, the security flaws that need ironing out and also the cost will mean that much work needs to be done in order to get into almost every household in the same way that Smartphones have done in recent years.

Do you have a SmartHome, what has your experience with it been so far? Please leave a comment below and let us know…