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The iconic skyline of London is set to change somewhat as new Skyscrpaers are planned for the near future. Below you can find pictures of some of the 230 planned Skyscrapers for downtown London which will change the look and feel of the skies in the UK Capital.

The source for this information comes from the NLA (New London Architecture), an independent think tank in the UK. NLA has pulled together a selection of tall buildings that were either completed this year or are expected to be complete within the next decade.

You can see more images, models, and interactive displays of the planned growth at the NLA’s London’s Growing Up exhibition, which is on display until Thursday, June 12.

Changes are coming

With this planned explosion coming to London, the amount of tall buildings is set to soar (in more ways than one), as the capital’s population increases and investors pour money into London real estate. There are now more than 230 tall towers over 20 storeys in the pipleine for London, which, if all complete, will have a signficant impact on the London skyline, streets and public spaces.


This NLA exhibition, based on the findings on an NLA Insight Study into tall buildings in London, examines the impact that this growth will have on the capital, through a series of images, models and interactive displays. It examines where this growth is taking place and why, the key organisations that have a say in tall building policies and how the planning system is responding.

Free to enter and on view until 12 June, the exhibtiion is supported by a series of NLA events, including roundtable discussions, conferences, breakfast talks, walking tours and site visits.

The Quill

The Quill is a 31-storey tower in Southwark that will provide student housing for King’s College London. The Quill is a reference to the area’s literary heritage. There are also curved structures at the top of the building that resemble a quill. The building is expected to be complete later this year.
The Quill | Condor Estates

Vauxhall Square

Vauxhall Square in Lambeth will include two hotels, two office buildings, and two residential towers. A 50-bed homeless hostel will also be part of the building cluster. A large new public square with plenty of pedestrian paths will be at the center of the site. The Square is expected to be complete in 2018.
Vauxhall Square | Condor Estates


These twin 40-storey towers, known as The Blades, are still in the design stage and are planned for a site in Elephant and Castle. They will be engineered to slice through the wind to provide a shield to pedestrians below.
The Blades | Condor Estates

Eileen House

Eileen House is a 41-storey residential tower located at the northern edge of Elephant and Castle. The 125-meter-tall tower is expected to be finished in 2017.
Eileen House | Condor Estates

The Tower

The Tower at Great West Quarter is located along West London’s “Golden Mile” and was completed in 2014. The 27-storey tower features one of the tallest interactive light sculptures in Europe.
The Tower | Condor Estates