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We are constantly being told that there us a ‘housing crisis’ in the UK and we too have posted about this too, but in China which is a country that is highly populated they are taking things to another level to deal with the demand for new housing.

3D printing has boomed in the last few years are developers and users have mastered the techniques and used creativity to print new items, even NASA has been involved in printing items out in space. China it seems though are using 3D printing to literally build houses and it is fast becoming a popular choice in this region of the world.

Last year a Chinese engineering firm printed and built 10 structures in less than 24 hours, WinSun were very happy with the entire process. The structures themselves weren’t huge, just 200-square-meter, one-story bungalows. But now WinSun’s set their goals higher, literally. They’ve 3D printed the structures you see here, which include a freaking five-story apartment building and a 1,100-square-meter (roughly 12,000-square-foot) villa.

3D printed house | Condor Estates

image source: core77.com

The buildings were not printed on site but back in a factory and printed in sections that are then delivered to site and assembled and joined together to make the structure. The idea though is certainly clever and a clear alternative to a bricks and mortar building that we are more accustomed to, could this be there future?


WinSun claims this method of buildings saves “60% on materials, 70% on time and 80% on labor” and is quieter than conventional construction to boot.
And they are full of ideas and future developments as is the company’s pure ambition. WinSun isn’t stopping at five stories or limiting themselves to housing; they envision using their technology in the future to put up bridges and skyscrapers.

Do you think that this could revolutionise the building process for everyone around the world, there is no doubt that the savings are a very attractive incentive to using this method of building structures like houses, shops and more…time will tell and the world waits to see how far they can actually take 3D Printed buildings.